April 2010

Kelly Clarkson visits Medley

2010-04-19 20:13

Kelly Clarkson played a concert at Vega on the 7th of marts. The day before she was recording vocals for her forthcoming album at Medley Studios. She has two engineers/producers following on the tour, reording whenever there is time between concerts. It was a pleasure having Kelly Clarkson and we are looking forward to hear her new album.

Louise Dubiel finish album

2010-04-18 20:46

After 2 months work at Medley Studios with Søren Mikkelsen as producer, Louise Dubiel is ready to release her debut album at the 10th of may 2010. The first single "Forpulet Perfekt" is already rotating in the radio and a video is just around the corner. We wish Louise all the best.