March 2012


2012-03-19 09:17

We are so very proud to present one of the most legendary danish rappers - Clemens - new album 'Ingen Kender Dagen'. This will be his careers 8th studio album and he has been working on it in our studio since fall 2011!

He stopped by the semi finale of the danish X-factor last friday, where he inter alia gave us all a small preview of what to expect in form of his first single, which is named the same as the album. 

Of course we are crossing our fingers that the album will do well on the charts when it's released next mondag, the 26th of March, but at the same time we have no doubt that this album will be one of the biggest successes through out his career!

Watch him perform a medley on X-factor with two of our other big danish rappers, and see for yourself why he's the best!:

The Hills Are Alive

2012-03-13 13:31

The Hills Are Alive has been spending quite some time in our studio these past months and are now finally ready to release a taster for everyone to hear.
Their first single 'Copenhagen Streets' is a celebration of our beloved capital Copenhagen. 
Listen to the sweet tunes of danish streets right here:

The Hills Are Alive - Copenhagen Streets

You can also follow the upcoming band on their brand new facebook page right here:

The Hills Are Alive facebook page

Kim Wagner in the mix!

2012-03-07 17:47

The danish soul singer-songwriter Kim Wagner is at the moment busy making his new album in our studio. We have only been working on it a few days, but as a result of hard (team)work, effecient and talented people and a lot of coffee, it is already taking form. And what a form! There is definitely some strong and meanfull songs on the album and we can not wait to hear the next single on the radio! Staaaay tuned..