For more than 20 years Medley Studios has been one of the leading studios in Scandinavia with an impressive client list  of major international artists and producers including Keane, Prince, Radiohead, Max Martin & Rami, Nigel Godrich, The Cardigans, Roxette, Mary J. Blige, Mark Morrison, Ace Of Base, Kent & All Saints.

Since the year 2006 Medley Studios has been owned by three production companies: Cleansound, Walkabout Music and Honeyburst. The overall studio concept remains the same, but now with the most modern recording equipment available and of course the two new control rooms (Studio 2 and 3).

Hit producing 80ies
In the early eighties directors and owners of Medley Records, Poul Bruun and Michael Ritto enjoy the growing success of their independent label. The need for freedom in production and planning, made Poul and Michael decide to build and add a studio to the company. Poul Bruun, at the time already a proven successful producer, wanted a place with a homely, relaxed, and cosy atmosphere. The concept of the studio with daylight in almost every room was at that time unique and it was essential to both Poul and Michael that the place should meet creative demands before anything else.

The studio was a success from the beginning. A lot of hit records from the Medley Records label made the studio attractive to many other Danish, Scandinavian artist and labels, and soon commercial studio business was a reality.
Being owned by a record company was not a problem. The studio was independently set up with management and administration and the client base increased rapidly.
In 1992 EMI Music acquired Medley Records and EMI-MEDLEY became a reality. Later on, EMI-MEDLEY decided to sell the studio to engineer Lars Overgaard and producer Nikolaj Foss, who manage the studio until it was sold to the current owners in 2006.

Medley Studios has, as a huge creative and technical institution, contributed to especially the danish music industry for nearly 3 decades. With an ongoing development and constant desire to be a big part of both the national and international music scene, we aim to keep it that way.